Argumentative Essay: The Future Of Gas Cars

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Gasoline and diesel are fossil fuels and aren 't infinite. Battery electricity are better, they don’t pollute and don 't burn fossil fuels. Instead of having a gas tank and having to fill it up at a gas station, these cars have batteries in their place and can be recharged with a larger charging station and needs 220 volts. The recharged batteries stay charged until the car is driven. Some people say that battery powered cars are slower, but it isn’t by much and battery powered cars think is worth slowing down a little if it means saving the planet. Most electrical powered cars can last around 50 miles before needing to be recharged. No Matter what people will not change because they are stubborn so I hope there is a low against gas cars.…show more content…
Some cities in china have everyone wear gas masks when they go outside. That 's just tragic! Can you imagine getting lung cancer for standing outside for 10 minutes? Cars can release 2 different kinds of pollution. There is primary pollution that goes straight into the air to pollute it and secondary pollution. this occurs when pollutants in the air have a chemical reaction. This is very effective against the atmosphere. But if we all use different sources like battery powered cars ten we could use our limited supply of fossil fuels for other more important things, or just leave it alone. Not only is there battery powered cars, but we also have wind powered cars. These could be very important, and you can’t tell me this isn’t really cool! One problem I came across was that some of these cars with solar panels and wind collectors is that they are expensive. Gasoline and fossil fuels are very cheap and abundant. I have decided that because some people can’t afford these specialties, it would be a good start if just people with some money they could spend money on this because it is like an investment. It is more expensive at the start but after you buy it it is free, so after a while you would have payed more total on gas then if you just bought a solar

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