Informative Essay On Electric Cars

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There's a lot of buzz going on about electric cars and it seems like every hipster and eco nut trying to save the environment but do you truly know what it takes to get them on the road. The process to make the batteries is a truly dirty process and it pollutes the air. Most electric cars that are available to the general public are very expensive and most of them do not have a very far range. Somewhere between a 20-270 mile range. Also you need to live somewhere there are the charging stations or have one put in at your home. Electric car are not yet ready for it to be a practical source of transportation. First off, let me tell you how much the average electric car costs. The cheapest electric car it is around 40,000 dollars according to cars direct The Volt is a little closer to the reasonable price range for many people at $32,500. Of course, with the lower price comes lower performance. The Volt has an electric range of 50 miles. That is respectable, and some of the highest out there, but it is nowhere near the Tesla models. The Volt can still get you many places without using any gas. When it does use gas, the fuel economy is 150 miles per gallon. That is almost double the price of a brand new gasoline powered sedan and with that gas vehicle you can drive it more than 100 miles. …show more content…

The batteries are large and full of acid making them potentially deadly. How stuff works science experts say I agree that the battery building process is dirty and is not environmentally friendly. The battery building process is the worst part of building the car for the environment. 20 to 30 percent of the pollution that comes from the battery building process. According to How stuff works science article.Toyota admits that the production of its lightweight Prius requires more energy and emits more carbon dioxide than the production of its gas-only

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