Speech On Electric Car

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Topic: Electric car: The Future of Automobile
Hook: Electric car is the car that use electrical energy instant of fuel that will replace any car in the future.
Background: Most of the car in the world still use fuel to run itself that cause of global warming. Someone try to develop the car that run by electrical energy but it’s hard to make it happen and make everyone to use it because it run slower and few distance than normal car. Now a day fuel is more expensive and most making carbon dioxide in human activity [ 1] and electric car is developed enough to run on the road like normal car that we can see on the road.
Thesis Statement: The Electric car have several features that make it as the future of every car.
Topic sentence: Electric car did not make pollution.
Support idea: zero pollution
Support detail: It use electrical energy instead of fuel that not making carbon dioxide to the air or any pollution to the nature.
Support idea: more electric car more reduce carbon dioxide
Support detail: In the future, electric car will be more number on the road and reduce making carbon dioxide to the air. “Carmakers have queued up to pledge that soon all their new models will be either hybrids or electric.”[2]
Topic sentence: Electric car can charge by itself to use less time at charging station.
Support idea: solar power
Support detail: Some electric car have sola panel that can recharge battery by itself with sun light.
Support idea: Dynamo generator

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