Electric Vehicles Persuasive Speech

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I feel concerned that anthropogenic activities have damaged the atmosphere which has led to severe detrimental effects over time. Studying Chemistry enabled me to learn the science behind global warming and the consequences for it. This made me think, what current technology could be further utilised to reduce greenhouse gas emission to the atmosphere? Due to this, I want to talk about electric vehicles as I feel that electric cars are the future of humankind. I will persuade you to leave behind the poisonous, toxic, filthy fumes of your present vehicle and switch to an electric car. The reduction of carbon emissions to the atmosphere, the cost of maintenance and refuelling and the safety of electric vehicles are surely convincing rationale for us to make changes. So, we all know that majority of people commonly utilise fuel, oil or LPG as a …show more content…

There are numerous reasons to why electric vehicles are safer, and I’ll name the common ones. Some of us here are already able to drive but you might’ve not thought of “explosion” when driving a car or being in a car because it doesn’t happen commonly though it is something significant to be aware of as it could happen. What is the reason for explosion of motor vehicles? Well simply because motor vehicles have internal combustion engines as the engine utilises petrol or diesel which are flammable and toxic if there is a source to start the ignition. What’s best about electric vehicle is the safety system for detecting and warning the driver to stop and exit the vehicle. In other words, this system could save your life. Specifically, the battery has its own safety management systems that monitor the activity of each cell and process the information to a CPU (Central Processing Unit). The CPU can do many amazing things like adjusting the cooling system, warn the driver or even forcefully stop the battery from

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