Argumentative Essay On Electric Cars

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Soumya Saji
Ms. Patiño

Global warming as became a huge concern for today’s world. The rise of alternative fuel sources is to help this worldwide problem, as a result, electric cars have started to become a familiarity to everyday roads. Electric cars have many benefits and potentially does help with global warming, but it may not be as environmental-friendly as advertised.
Electric cars produce a higher carbon footprint than conventional gasoline powered cars. In the article entitled, “Tesla’s electric cars aren’t as green as you think” Lizzie Wade states about all electric cars, “manufacturing an electric vehicle generates more carbon emissions than building a conventional car” (Wade) Even before the electric car is out driving on the roads, it has produced a greater amount of carbon footprint than than the traditional gasoline cars. (Wade) David Biello, the …show more content…

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