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There has always been those certain environmental people that say that diesel trucks are bad for the environment. What those people do not usually know is not surprising to anyone that knows a diesel engine. The only thing that they know to say is "that black stuff that comes out of the truck when they "roll coal" is bad for the environment. A diesel has many different ways that make it a better vehicle. The first characteristic is the cost. Even though the cost of a gas truck may be a little less, you will not get the product of a diesel engine. A brand new 2015 F-150 is around 30,000. With buying a gas engine the truck and the parts that it is made with will not last as long. With the parts that do not last long that means regular maintenance and up keeping when something goes wrong. Although a diesel truck is more expensive, you can expect much more out of it. A 2015 Ford XLT Super Duty is around $51,000 brand new. Although it is much more expensive, the price comes with dependability. With a diesel engine, the parts are made stronger and makes the truck much more dependable. If a diesel truck is properly maintained it can go for 500,000 all the way up to 1,000,000 …show more content…

the average fuel economy for a gas truck is around 14mpg. Along with the poor fuel economy, the gas that goes through the truck does not burn as clean. When the gas does not burn as clean, that means that it puts out more pollution than a diesel engine. A diesel engine also has 25-30% better fuel economy that a gas engine. With the 25-30% better fuel economy, a diesel engine can deliver much more fuel economy that electric hybrids. That may sound pretty far out there but it is true. With simple things like chips or programmers you can easily increase fuel economy and performance at the same time. Although diesel gas is a little more expensive, it last a lot longer due to it burning

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