Persuasive Essay On Solar Energy

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Scientists have found that renewable energy is a path towards the future for a clean and safe environment. Throughout all the studies and findings, there is a continuing fret whether people should be able to use a traditional way of energy or renewable energy, solar power. Solar energy is seen to be effective since there has progressively been more places that are benefiting from solar usage; however there are also some who disagree. Solar energy sources are derived from natural sources and is implicated throughout our daily lives. From the lights in the streets to the computers we use at home. It is commonly known throughout human history that the energy used is burned from coal which creates biomass. During the Industrial Revolution, coal was an essential need to everyone, hence the discovery of oil as a substitute. Yet, the mass formation from the unearthing of oil causes more damage than benefits for the planet. Humanity had never seen a more compatible source in which came a higher demand for oil. As the public has urged to generate more oil, scientists theorized that fossil fuels will eventually run out, making way for a renewable energy route in the future (Mason). Although the scientists in the 1900s had warned the world about the shortage, many people still refuse to accept the idea that they will eventually be eventually using solar power as the only option. And each year, the debt from the consumer rate increases for every electricity company. For instance, as

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