A Modest Proposal Overpopulation Analysis

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Jonathan Swift’s essay, A Modest Proposal, is famous for satirically suggesting that people start selling their babies for food, which would logically solve the overpopulation and starvation problem in the world. Despite this less than feasible solution, overpopulation is a serious problem in the world, given that there are over seven billion people alive currently. The excessive amount of people living in this world has an adverse effect on both society and the environment. The environment has been destroyed by human pollution and is depleted of natural resources due to the sheer amount of materials needed to support such a large population. In fact, many plastic water bottles used by people are discarded as trash and pollute bodies of water (Soechtig & Lindesy, 2009). Thankfully, there can be a few things done to ease overpopulation. Mainly, the public needs to be made more aware of the overpopulation problem that the world is facing. Beyond that, contraceptives and birth control could be made more available. Finally, the government could create incentives or laws to manage birth rates and populations. If these things happen, the world will surely benefit from a smaller population. In order to address the problem of overpopulation, people must be first made aware that there even is such a …show more content…

Thankfully, this problem is solvable by humans, given that a few things change. Educating people more brings awareness to the perils of overpopulation. Also if there is more widespread acceptance and easily accessible contraceptives would slow down the average birth rate. Finally, the government could intervene to stop too many children from being born. While overpopulation is a very complicated international problem, if we as a human race start taking initiative to try to improve this situation, we will surely be able to stop the overpopulation that destroys our natural

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