Persuasive Essay About Overpopulation

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Overpopulation. It is a word that makes politicians wince, and is often described as the "elephant in the room" in discussions about the future of the planet. It is clear to all of us that the planet is not expanding. There is only so much space on Earth, not to mention only so many resources – food, water, and energy – that can support a human population. So a growing human population must pose some kind of a threat to the well-being of planet Earth, mustn 't it?Currently, we as a population use up most of the resources how we please, waste, and even pollute. Our plan is to feed and to breed. The fertility rate has all of a sudden gone up incredibly over the past decade. Yes, we are getting overpopulated but there is no way we can control that.We simply cannot just kill every other baby that is born. Imagine every year how many graduates there are in different universities, college school from different countries. They all need a job, they all need to carry on in their life but we are so limited in our jobs because our world is so overpopulated. According to science, Earth’s capacity is measured around 9-10 billion people. The planet doesn’t have all the resources for all billions of people to use right now. It’s really hard to say whether our world is overpopulated or not. Yes, there are areas of the world that have a billion citizens like China but poor countries only have 1/3 of the population that Canada has. We as people are not playing god. We have rules and laws

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