Persuasive Essay On Zero Waste

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People tend to consume a lot, when there is consumption, there is waste – and that waste becomes a big problem that needs taken care of, which costs a lot of time, space and resources. If not managed, in turn, the world that we live in will become a hazardous place for all living things. According to the World Bank, people throughout the world, “spend $2.3 trillion a year on food and beverages alone” (Global Consumption Database, 2018), that is quite a lot. In addition to that, the world count mentions that, “we throw out over 50 tons of household waste every second. A number that will double by 2030” (The World Counts, 2018).
The 3Rs, that is reuse, reduce and recycle (it’s also known as going green) are ways how people can better manage and minimize their consumption and wastage. Some people add to this three; Bea Johnson adds two more; refuse, and rot (McHugh, 2018),refers to it as zero waste (McHugh, 2018). Others have omitted one of them. The 3Rs can be implemented at an individual and communal level; at home, work and elsewhere.
The less you get or have and use, the amount that ends up as trash will be less; this is the first R – Reduce.Buying or getting too many things is never a good idea because some of them are going to be useless and will be just be there collecting dust. Money you spend on such things that will not be of use to you, that you canspend on more worthy purposes or things.
As a consumer, you can influence shops to help in

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