Argumentative Essay On Recycling In The United States

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Imagine living in a world where the air is polluted and most people are afraid to step outside their front door, in the near future, this may be reality for Americans. Americans throw out over 200 million tons of garbage a year, yet recycle not nearly as much. Most people do not realize it but recycling is a vital part of America’s society and if Americans do not perform this action, it will backfire on them. People in America are debating whether Americans are recycling enough and correctly. After analyzing the data, one will definitely agree that Americans need to be more educated on recycling due to the fact that most people do not know what happens after they recycle an item, nearly all Americans are recycling incorrectly, and Am To begin, …show more content…

To elaborate on this topic, despite the fact that Americans are recycling a good amount, the materials they are recycling are not being sold in stores. While it is common to believe that this is not a valid reason to be educated on recycling, if Americans do not know that the items the are recycling are not being sold, then how can they fix this issue. According to … . After examining the quote, one will realize that unless people do something about it, recycled items will not be used in stores and will go to waste, therefore prompting the point that Americans need to be informed more on recycling. All in all, Americans unquestionably need to be educated more on this very important topic because of most if not all Americans do not have idea what goes on in the recycling process, the majority of Americans are recycling entirely wrong, and most stores are not taking recycled items to sell and an exceeding amount of people do not know this. There 's a tremendous amount of Americans who are not familiar with the process of any recycled item and this needs to change. Not only is that a huge issue, Americans recycling incorrectly and stores not selling recycled items are two other enormous problems that need to be resolved if Americans want to fix their discombobulated recycling system. After reflecting upon this information, one will agree that

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