Persuasive Essay On Plastic Pollution

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The amount of plastic products that ended up in the ocean as of 2015 are quite high. How high you may ask yourself? No not 1 million but 9 million tons of plastic waste laid in the ocean as of 2015. Who could be responsible for most of this plastic in the ocean? Surprisingly its china, they are responsible for 2.4 million tons per year. That 's 30 percent of the global total. The top countries most responsible for the plastic pollution issue are as following, China, The Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Bangladesh.What are we gonna do about it? Switch bag materials or don 't even provide bags just make the people bring their own bags and then they can continue to reuse them and then we won 't have the issue of plastic ending up in the ocean. Innocent animals we haven 't even discovered yet are dying because people can 't walk 10 feet to a trash can. If you could save your mothers life by walking a couple yards to the nearest trash can would you? Of course you would! Dumping plastics into our oceans is a huge problem for our environment and the people that live in it.
Plastics are killing our marine life. According to a Biological Diversity website (, the author states that “Thousands of seabirds and sea turtles, seals and other marine mammals are killed each year after ingesting plastic.” People keep littering and that littering is killing precious marine life. The level of

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