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  • My Interest In Marine Biology

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    My interest in Marine Biology stems from both my education in the sciences & also my love of the Ocean & diving. My current Biology A-Level course has inspired me to learn more about how organisms live & interact in the same environment. I find this to be very relevant in terms of Marine Biology, as a reduction in species diversity will have a knock-on effect on the whole ecosystem, this is due to the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. Another section of the A level course which interests

  • Why Marine Biology Is Important

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    What is Marine Biology? Marine biology is the study of marine life and their habitats. Is Marine Biology truly an important study? Well the answer is yes. There has to be a study to cover over 93% of the earth’s surface! Marine Biologist work together and analyze new data every day. Because of this study, many interesting discoveries have been made! Animals have all been saved from extinction because of marine biologist. If you work hard enough, you can help save animals too. Entering the world

  • Essay On Marine Biology

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    Marine organisms are animals, plants, and other living things that live in the ocean. A Marine biologist is a scientist who studies marine organisms and studies the bodies, behavior, and the history of marine organisms. They also study how marine organisms interact with each other and their environment. I have chosen to research about Marine biology because I would like to learn about sea life, the ocean, and its surrounding environment. To start off, a Marine biologist might study coral, crabs

  • Marine Reflection

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    Growing up in Egypt, I was exposed to the mesmerizing beauty of reefs and mangroves, one of the richest known species diversity of any marine ecosystem, in the Red Sea. When I was twelve years old, I regarded my fish tank as my lab and delved in understanding the interaction among fish, breeding, and health. However, my views evolved when I investigated an illegal sea turtle trade case in Alexandria, Egypt. It exposed me to the impact of the social, economic and cultural status of the indigenous

  • Marine Biologist Research Paper

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    Lizeth Felix-Guzman AVID August 9, 2014 Marine Biologist A marine biologist refers to anyone who studies or works with animals or plants that live in salt water from the tiniest microbes and plankton to the largest whales, and every species in between. Marine biologist also works towards discovering all the unknown plants and animals that live in the depths of the sea. Marine biologist study life in the oceans, they study the process of how marine organisms develop and relate to each other and

  • Essay On Marine Biologist

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    What Does it Take to be a Marine Biologist? Ever since I was little, I’ve had the same dream of becoming a marine biologist. This started when I was four and saw the whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. When I saw them, I immediately asked myself what else this big could live in the ocean? I imagined myself out on open waters studying them and swimming with them. The dream of becoming a marine biologist came to a halt when I moved to San Bernardino. San Bernadino is farther from the ocean. It

  • Human Impact On Water: Human Impact On Water

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    wastewater, and garbage created by not only the ship but the passengers aboard the ship as well. Virtually all the waste created aboard the ship will be discharged into the port, not only polluting the port water, but also contaminating the fish and other marine life populations (Tox Town, 2015). Furthermore, the water becomes unfit for any recreational activities, such as swimming and fishing. Apart from the cruise ships, septic tanks also pollute the

  • Coral Bleaching Effects

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    one species is near it’s extinction. Scientific studies has anticipated this for years, but many people do not understand the _damage this obsolescence would have on the environment. An essential animal in the ocean, coral, is, “home to 25% of all marine fish species,” according to The Reef Resilience Network, which specializes in helping save coral. Corals have very special tolerances to things like temperatures, salinity levels, and pollution, which causes coral stress, or bleaching. When bleaching

  • Pros And Advancements Of Oceanography

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    They include Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology, and Physical Oceanography. Like any type of science, new technology is constantly being developed. Examples of these discoveries include the “Ground Penetrating Radar,”, and new submarines like the Alvin. Technological developments, have led to substantial advancements in the four major types of Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology, and Physical Oceanography. Biological Oceanography

  • Seattle Field Trip Essay

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    Why to consider me for the Seattle Field Trip I should be taken on the Seattle Field Trip because it would be a very informational experience. Also I'm very interested in learning more about marine biology because my younger brother is very interested in everything having to do with the ocean. I am also interested in learning about the programs at WSU because in my future I wish to take a business program and a culinary program. Another thing I am interested in for my future is eventually opening

  • Reflection: Survival 101: Living Without A Brain

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    water also allows for the removal of metabolic wastes from these animals, preventing the accumulation of these materials within the animal. Due to the high heat capacity of water, as well as the large volume of seas and oceans, the temperature of marine habitats tend to remain relatively stable. Osmotic concentration of seawater is also similar to the bodily fluids of animals, allowing fluid and salt balance to be more easily maintained. These benefits have thus enabled the survival of organisms

  • Tsunami: Short Story

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    combat. She liked to think it was the fear of being devoured by her enhanced jaws that kept most poachers out of the arctic during migration season. That also created a certain reputation preceding this buffed out leopard seal. Her alter egos marine biology career was not run on food stamps, and there was always good pay for power crazed maniacs in the world. The dark underworld of business or politics expected nothing less but pure, efficient, professionalism

  • Essay On Fish Farming

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    General background of fish farming production Ireland, with such unique geographical location, natural resources, and ecosystem has important role in seafood industry. Waters around 7,500km coastline of Ireland are clean, unpolluted and suitable for aquatic life , consequently forming a unique environment for seafood. Moreover, the rough Atlantic waters which shape the Irish coastline are confronted with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and the cold fresh waters which flow off the Irish bog lands

  • Disneyland Narrative Essay

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    Disneyland, Family, and my Fearful Self I was half walking, half skipping through the crowded Disneyland paths with the company of my family that day. The clouds covered a few sections of the light blue sky, and the wind gently blew in the tourists’ faces turning them a pinkish, even reddish color. A decently hot, almost humid breeze from the sun and the wind spread through the city of Paris, France that afternoon in May of 2010. Me, my mother, father, brothers Stefano and Matteo, and sister Francesca

  • Essay On Cebuano

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    Cebuanos migrated to Baybay Norte, Zone 6, Miagao before. The major reason of their migration is about the presence and abundance of fish in the coast of the Baybay Norte, specifically on their zone. The story was this: There was a Cebuano who came to the barangay. He lived there and his life improved well because of the abundance of fish as he works as a fisherman on the barangay. He went back to his hometown in Negros Occidental for a vacation and he shared to his friends that there are many fish

  • Importance Of Scuba Diving In Tarkarli

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    Tarkarli, it is now time to explore life beneath the Arabian Sea. It is a dream of every true traveler to explore the life beneath the waves of the beautiful Arabian Sea and get a glimpse of colorful corals and fishes of different variety and many other marine creatures which he or she must have seen only on NatGeo or Discovery Channels. In present times Tarkarli is slowly becoming a popular destination for recreational activities like Scuba Diving which is much cheaper to experience than in Goa its richer

  • Marine Pollution Essay

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    Pollution is the introduction or release of substances or energy that decrease the quality of the marine environment. Many pollutants are toxic of harmful to marine life (Castro and Huber, 2010). South Africa is known around the world for being one of the most diverse marine environment in the world, with 83% of the known fish families residing in South Africa (Van der Elst, 2007). There are also many marine species that are endemic to South Africa, which means they are only found in South Africa. Almost

  • Sea Otters Extinction

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    1911, Southern sea otters swam on every coast near the Pacific, Including the Sea of Japan. They lived in large kelp forests near shores and would usually stay on the surface of the water only diving when food was necessary. Being the most important part of the food chain, sea otters kept anything that would eat the seaweed like snails, and sea urchin populations in check so the kelp forests wouldn 't die out. Southern sea otter populations near the west were unknown, but the American east coast

  • Environmental Impacts Of Coral Reefs

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    Coral Reefs are important to our society because they support bustling diverse ecosystems that provide shelter to a fourth of all identified marine species and act as natural barriers, which protect the coastline from the ocean’s pounding waves. Coral reef ecosystems help to benefit economies by providing protection against erosion, cultivating fisheries, creating and sustaining tourism activities, offering substances for medical uses, and providing a diversity of culture and aesthetics to communities

  • Examples Of Fun Facts About Marine Animals

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    Rachel Ganz Writing-6 December 19, 2017 6 Fun Facts About Marine Animals Marine animals are all different shapes and sizes that differ drastically. Marine Animals live in the great big ocean and lakes all across the world and have very unusual characteristics about themselves that make them who they are today. Marine animals are a very interesting and unusual species due to their dramatic changes over the years. 1. How Big Really Are Blue Whales? Blue whales are one of the biggest animals in