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  • Marine Biology: The Study Of Marine Life

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    What is Marine Biology? Marine biology is the study of marine life and their habitats. Is Marine Biology truly an important study? Well the answer is yes. There has to be a study to cover over 93% of the earth’s surface! Marine Biologist work together and analyze new data every day. Because of this study, many interesting discoveries have been made! Animals have all been saved from extinction because of marine biologist. If you work hard enough, you can help save animals too. Entering the world

  • Marine Biology Personal Statement

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    My interest in Marine Biology stems from both my education in the sciences & also my love of the Ocean & diving. My current Biology A-Level course has inspired me to learn more about how organisms live & interact in the same environment. I find this to be very relevant in terms of Marine Biology, as a reduction in species diversity will have a knock-on effect on the whole ecosystem, this is due to the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. Another section of the A level course which interests

  • Marine Biology Research Paper Topics

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    Marine biology is the study of the ocean. It is a very interesting and exciting career to pursue in. to be marine biologist, there are a few things you have to know and be ready for. To be a marine biologist, you have to be able to work in different environments . In these paragraphs, you will be able to see how great of a career marine biology can be. The work environment can change drastically because some places the temperature is warm. Other places can be very cold. For example, in the

  • Marine Biology Outline

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    Outline Marine Biologists: Saving the Environment One Animal at a Time Thesis: Marine biology is a demanding job requiring working with marine animals, and having many qualifications and courses to take, as well as years of training, with many fulfilling rewards. Generally, marine biology is the study of organisms, their relationship to the environment, and their behavior, in addition to studying the chemical aspects of bodies of saltwater ("At A Glance" & "NOAA Fisheries"). In marine biology, you

  • Marine Biology Research Paper

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    also been very passionate about animals and I would love to help them and protect their habitats. Becoming a veterinarian or marine biologist would allow me to be satisfied going to work each day because they both incorporate my interests. Although veterinarians and marine biologists are similar in job qualities, they differ in salaries, work environment and

  • Why I Want To Be A Marine Biology Essay

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    What Does it Take to be a Marine Biologist? Ever since I was little, I’ve had the same dream of becoming a marine biologist. This started when I was four and saw the whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. When I saw them, I immediately asked myself what else this big could live in the ocean? I imagined myself out on open waters studying them and swimming with them. The dream of becoming a marine biologist came to a halt when I moved to San Bernardino. San Bernadino is farther from the ocean. It

  • Essay On Marine Biology

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    Marine organisms are animals, plants, and other living things that live in the ocean. A Marine biologist is a scientist who studies marine organisms and studies the bodies, behavior, and the history of marine organisms. They also study how marine organisms interact with each other and their environment. I have chosen to research about Marine biology because I would like to learn about sea life, the ocean, and its surrounding environment. To start off, a Marine biologist might study coral, crabs

  • Marine Biology Personal Statement

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    is tearing it apart at the surface while dodging hungry seagulls. I have always had a great interest in biology, and marine biology in particular. In a high school biology class, we learned about evolution and the transition of animals out of the seas. I thought it was striking that marine mammals were the only ones who returned to the oceans. From there I desired to learn more about marine mammals and their role in the ecosystem. That year I also had the chance to go SCUBA diving for the first

  • Personal Statement: Marine Biology

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    I have wanted to be a marine biologist since I was in kindergarten. I grew up being around the water with a beach house on the cape and since age eight, I have competed on a swim team. I am now a lifeguard, swim instructor, and an assistant swim coach. My freshman year I thought I had everything planned out for college. I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. Then, my sophomore year, I got a postcard in the mail from Maine Maritime. I started researching the school and soon fell in love

  • Marine Biologist Research Paper

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    Lizeth Felix-Guzman AVID August 9, 2014 Marine Biologist A marine biologist refers to anyone who studies or works with animals or plants that live in salt water from the tiniest microbes and plankton to the largest whales, and every species in between. Marine biologist also works towards discovering all the unknown plants and animals that live in the depths of the sea. Marine biologist study life in the oceans, they study the process of how marine organisms develop and relate to each other and

  • Sylvia Earle: Changing The World

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    Earle. Sylvia has changed the world in several ways. Sylvia Earle was born on August 30, 1935 in Gibbstown Greenwich Township, NJ. She was among the first women explorers to use underwater gear. Sylvia has been deeper underwater than any other woman marine biologist. In 1970, scientists took Sylvia to the Galapagos. During this time, she began a collaboration with undersea photographer Al Giddings. Together, they both investigated the battle graveyard of Caroline Island of South Pacific. In addition

  • Essay On Coral Bleaching

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    one species is near it’s extinction. Scientific studies has anticipated this for years, but many people do not understand the _damage this obsolescence would have on the environment. An essential animal in the ocean, coral, is, “home to 25% of all marine fish species,” according to The Reef Resilience Network, which specializes in helping save coral. Corals have very special tolerances to things like temperatures, salinity levels, and pollution, which causes coral stress, or bleaching. When bleaching

  • Seattle Field Trip Essay

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    Why to consider me for the Seattle Field Trip I should be taken on the Seattle Field Trip because it would be a very informational experience. Also I'm very interested in learning more about marine biology because my younger brother is very interested in everything having to do with the ocean. I am also interested in learning about the programs at WSU because in my future I wish to take a business program and a culinary program. Another thing I am interested in for my future is eventually opening

  • The Four Types Of Oceanography

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    They include Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology, and Physical Oceanography. Like any type of science, new technology is constantly being developed. Examples of these discoveries include the “Ground Penetrating Radar,”, and new submarines like the Alvin. Technological developments, have led to substantial advancements in the four major types of Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology, and Physical Oceanography. Biological Oceanography

  • Tsunami-Personal Narrative

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    combat. She liked to think it was the fear of being devoured by her enhanced jaws that kept most poachers out of the arctic during migration season. That also created a certain reputation preceding this buffed out leopard seal. Her alter egos marine biology career was not run on food stamps, and there was always good pay for power crazed maniacs in the world. The dark underworld of business or politics expected nothing less but pure, efficient, professionalism

  • Essay On Overfishing

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    resulting in the deterioration of marine biodiversity and food systems, as fish populations decline.’ This essay will overlay the perspectives of Hong Kong, the perspective of Japan, and finally the significance of overfishing on me and my family. Overfishing is a very important discussion because it has become a global issue, resulting in collapse of the entire marine ecosystem. Fish is also one of the main sources of food around the world. The collapse of the marine ecosystem would result in the a

  • Persuasive Essay On Water Pollution

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    The cause of this was a nasty toxin called microcystin. Microcystin appears because of human pollution and fertilizers that flow into rivers and lakes which then lead to the ocean. Cancer-causing chemicals called PCBs and pesticides like DDT are in marine mammals ' fatty tissues and they cause serious harm. 2. Many health departments encourage people not to swim 72 hours after it rains because the coastal waters are polluted from urban runoff, leaking sewage from sewage pipes and overflowing sewer

  • Overfishing In Salt Water Essay

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    has lead it to not being regarded as a bigger crisis than it actually is because more focus is on marine life. Overfishing in Saltwater Due to the fact the majority of the earth’s surface is covered in salt water (oceans) this has lead to many people to see it as a good source of food from the fish that is available but its fast becoming a crisis as it has lead to overfishing. According to marine ecologist, overfishing is the greatest threat to ocean ecosystem today. This has increased over the

  • Chemical Dispersant Research Paper

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    of the chemical dispersants on wildlife and ecosystems are not well studied, the chemicals used are toxic to a variety of organisms, and they have never been previously used on this wide a scale. Because dispersants break oil up into tiny droplets, marine biologists fear that fish larvae, zooplankton and filter feeders (such as oysters), will be at risk from eating the large quantities of “non-visible” oil. Chemical dispersants are likely to impact deep-water animals downstream of the well. Oil will

  • Oceanography Personal Statement

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    I am interested in the field of physical oceanography and hydrodynamics in coastal environments such as river deltas, estuaries, and wetlands. I firmly believe that department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences at Louisiana State University is one of the best places for me to fulfill my objectives, flourish intellectually, and -- through my dissertation -- to make a significant contribution to research. My long-term career interests include academia, industrial R&D, and advanced coastal engineering