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Marine biology is the study of the ocean. It is a very interesting and exciting career to pursue in. to be marine biologist, there are a few things you have to know and be ready for. To be a marine biologist, you have to be able to work in different environments . In these paragraphs, you will be able to see how great of a career marine biology can be.

The work environment can change drastically because some places the temperature is warm. Other places can be very cold. For example, in the arctic waters the water can be below freezing, but in other places the water can be very warm. In different climates, there are different things that live there. For example, in cold waters, you might find penguins, wales, or seals. But in warm waters you might find animals such as starfish, or sharks.
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and also have an interest in the ocean or things that live/ can be found in it. The average earning for a marine biologist about $51,289 a year. A marine biologist deals with the ocean, so in 10 years I will be studying near or on the ocean.

Similar jobs are oceanography, marine science, and ocean engineering. Some qualities that I have that will help me be successful at this job is I am a good swimmer, and already know a lot about different kinds of fish.

In conclusion, Marine biology is an exciting career. It is a great career because, you get to deal with the ocean and animals or organism in it. Another reason it is so great is because, the climates you live in can be different. Lastly, marine biology is very similar to oceanography, marine science, and ocean engineering. That is why marine biology is such a great
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