Marine Veterinary Medicine Research Paper

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When one thinks of a veterinarian, most associate this job title with treating dogs, cats, horses, cows, and other farm and companion animals. However, a relatively small field not known by the general population is that of marine veterinary medicine. If one has a passion for the water and a desire to help the creatures in it, marine veterinary medicine just may be the perfect career.
Marine veterinarians are responsible for “conducting basic exams and evaluations, giving vaccinations, taking samples of blood and other bodily fluids, prescribing and distributing medication, evaluating behaviour, performing surgical procedures, and taking x-rays and sonograms” (Kramer “Life of an Aquatic Veterinarian”). Marine veterinarians treat a wide variety …show more content…

However, salaries can “Reach up to $145,230 for the top ten percent, depending on the veterinarian’s specialization and place of employment”(CareerMatch). Marine veterinarians can be employed in private clinics, aquariums, sea life centers, zoos, and even government agencies. Some even spend part of their work out at sea. Therefore, many are scuba-certified. One may ask in what ways marine veterinary medicine is related to AFNR. Fish are a major source of food in the United States. In order for hatcheries and fish farms to be able to provide fresh food for the dinner table, marine veterinarians are often called upon to help cure disease outbreaks or other common problems within large schools of fish. Aquaculture is a form of agriculture that plays an important role in the industry, as not only fish, but shellfish, crustaceans, and other seafood may require the knowledge of an aquatic veterinarian. The path to becoming a marine veterinarian is no easy task. However, if it is something you are very passionate about and and you are willing to put the work in for, it can be a very rewarding career. If one is not a fan of a routine day and enjoy a job where one is met with new challenges each day, then a marine veterinarian is the perfect career. Just make sure you are not afraid to get your feet a little

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