Vet Technician Research Paper

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Why I major in Veterinarian Technology
Some people go to college knowing exactly what they want, others do not have a clue. On the average students change their majors three or more times before they graduate. Since I am in undecided person, selecting a major was a difficult decision to make. Before I attended college as a freshman, I wanted to figure out which career fits me the most and would give me passion every day. Most of my life I have loved and cared for different kind of animals, as well as devoting myself wholeheartedly to their well-being. While getting my future plans together, choosing to be a vet technician would allow me to work with animals, help people with their pets, and get qualified quickly. I realized that becoming a vet technician would be the best choice because I have always had a love for animals. …show more content…

I will be able to bond with the pets during their time in the office and teach owners how to take care of them better. When they are in need, I will get to help animals recover or live fuller lives. Being a vet technician also means working with more than the usual everyday pets such as cats and dogs. Clinics have different clientele, but that depends on where they are located. For example, in the areas that are rural, horses and farm animals are the frequent pets that get taken care

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