Persuasive Essay On A Pipeline

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Before Americans came to this piece of land, the Native American tribes survived and lived off the land. Just like us, when their ancestors died, them buried them in sacred land. Today they are digging up that land and those bodies, in North Dakota to create a new pipeline. Native Tribes have tried endlessly to stop the Government, but sadly there’s no use. Workers are digging up acres of land to continue the pipe from North Dakota to Illinois. Although many people (including myself) don’t think it’s right, it’s too late to stop it now.

When the pipeline is built they will destroy acres and acres of sacred land. Suits say the project violates several federal laws including the National Historic Preservation Act and will disturb sacred sites …show more content…

If you are the average American your car probably takes up 12 barrels a year, with an older car that goes up to roughly 15 barrels, says Oil Price’s Colin Chilcoat. Although, they say the pipeline will decrease the truck and train traffic, how much of a difference will that be? To some this isn’t even worth it.

Riots and protesters have been lining up trying to somehow stop the project. The peaceful protests have turned rouge. Many arrests have been made, including the Divergent star, Shailene Woodley. Law enforcement officials said “four security guards and two guard dogs received medical treatment. While a tribal spokesman countered six people were bitten by guard dogs and at least 30 people were pepper sprayed. Imagine if they dug up a cemetery where your parents were buried to make a higher oil market. Would you protest or watch it happen?

When we compare a couple of tribes to the United States oil market, we could debate if the pipeline is even worth it. The World runs on oil, we need it to fill cars, and just overall function. If we expand it, it could help us in the long run to increase the markets and decrease trafficking. But is a couple less cars on the road more important than the homes of others and the prices? We have limited time and money and I don’t think it should be going into this

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