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Throughout the past century, there has been a constant battle with whether the government should allow fracking or not. Stopping the process of fracking is the voice of the people. Fracking brings many groups of people together that are either for it or against it. However, the government has the power to continue to allow fracking or ban it. Even though the government has power, the people have the power to use their voice to stop fracking. Even if fracking seems beneficial to the government, does it really outweigh the health of the people? That being said, the government, in fact, should ban fracking. One reason the government should ban fracking is that it is hurting the environment. According to a former APA scientist, hydraulics fracking …show more content…

John Wihbey says, “More than 15 million Americans have had fracking operations within a mile of their home.” This may be a small amount of the population, but if fracking continues to grow it will affect more people in the future. Fracking continues to cause problems in communities. When fracking is in the process, it uses millions of gallons of water to operate. The water that is being used for fracking usually comes from wells. Wells can hold millions of gallons of water. Fracking does not have its own separate line of water; therefore, the workers in charge of the fracking use the water local communities use. All of the drilling going around in local communities are making people feel like they are living in an industrial area instead of a normal neighborhood, and this is affecting the quality of life people are living. Another reason why fracking lowers the quality of life is that fracking is slowly destroying family’s homes. One family affected by fracking says, “The tranquility was ruptured by the staccato tapping of one of her stained-glass sun catchers against the window.” The tapping this family was hearing was vibrations coming from a fracking site. Local residents mention that it always feels like there is a “mini-earthquake” happening. Living this lifestyle has to be very uncomfortable for local residents to experience every day because of a fracking

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