Dakota Access Pipeline Benefits

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“Benefits of Governmental Compromise Regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline” Nations all have unique governments and differences necessary for demonstrating successful leadership. Every country needs different assistance from their leadership, such as Rio requiring infrastructure or Somalia lacking political power. Some governments concern themselves with their politicians’ well-being more so than the people they lead, which creates a relevant problem in America. The United States Government can easily forget about Native American Reservations, or even ignore the people living on them. Recently, the United States Army Corps of Engineers has worked on the Dakota Access Pipeline project, which would cross over Native American ancestral lands, …show more content…

These issues can still improve through cooperation and understanding, however, and reaching a satisfactory decision about the Dakota Access Pipeline provides a perfect gateway to uplifting improvement of the reservations’ lifestyle. If the government agrees to give a little, a great opportunity arises for them to get a little as well. In the last decades, lack of funding has led to blatantly subpar education for the majority of Native American students, even when the government made an attempt to intervene due to an understandable inherent distrust of Government interference. Through a monumental compromise via the Dakota Access Pipeline, the government could prove its decency, transparency, and trustworthiness, which would advance the relationship of Native Americans and the United States Government brilliantly. The newfound trust could easily apply to areas such as financial welfare, educational support, and government-run health clinics. These government services would gain trust and improve the quality of life on reservations, one honest and caring program at …show more content…

If the government agrees to permit self-rule on reservations, Native Americans and observing American citizens would hold the institution in a higher regard. Native Americans would trust the government more, as well as live a higher quality life on the currently impoverished reservations. Perhaps an admirable compromise and unique leadership would impress other countries, too. The United States Government has the opportunity shine as an example of positive conflict resolution to other nations, and the nation as a whole would benefit from a bit of positive

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