Persuasive Essay On Littering

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Over the past years littering has become quite a concern for our nation. Everywhere we look and especially during the rainy season, we see rubbish in the muddy water. This happens when we litter without concern. But have we thought about the damage we are doing to the environment?
Littering means throwing away waste to any area without any concern about what damage it may cause. According to a research done in America 2009, almost 1.9 billion of litter end up in the ocean almost everywhere. This happens when we throw away litter without any thought. According to a research it was revealed that almost 81% of the litter thrown is intentional whereas 16% of the litter is thrown in public places such as parks and beaches. Moreover 6% of the litter is thrown away thinking that somebody else will pick it. However this habit has been passed from one generation to another generation which makes it scary because if this generation learns this bad habit then we might end up damaging our delicate environment not to mention the consequences the small island nations like our nation in danger. Litterers are people who throw away the waste to any kind of place and the most common litterers are men almost 45% of them admitted to littering this is a huge amount of men compared to the women who litter. Furthermore, it seems according to some parents littering means throwing away any kind of waste to any random place. The deliberate litterers are mostly

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