Marine Pollution Essay

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The ocean is nowadays undergoing numerous environmental issues that further lead to marine pollution. Marine pollution is a very serious environmental issue that most of the countries of the world encounter. Aquatic littering is considered as one of the major causes of marine environment. The misleading use of the marine environment is extremely impacting the marine life and ecosystems. Moreover, the total amount of toxins and debris discharged by human beings is incredibly increasing in today 's world. Most of the waste produced on land is either intentionally or unconsciously discharged into the oceans. Marine pollution and aquatic debris can utterly destroy the oceans causing extinction of the marine creatures. Innovative techniques should be implemented in the law to prevent the marine environment from any further damage. In order to improve the marine environment, the government and the Environment Public Authority of Kuwait should take immediate actions that can influence the society and help in minimizing aquatic debris and pollution.
Aquatic littering and marine pollution can be caused by a number of different sources. Aquatic littering can be further categorized into two main sources, namely, land-based sources and marine-based sources. Land-based sources that pollute the marine environment include local drainage systems, fleeting streams and sewage drainage. Industrial, agricultural and domestic activities also play a vital role in causing marine pollution.

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