How To Use Situational Irony In A Couple Of Really Neat Guys

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Everyone has their little pet peeves. Whether it’s the way someone chews, or things they choose to do. Like littering. In a brief short story, “A Couple of Really Neat Guys,” Dave Barry uses situational irony and hyperbole to create a universal truth about how far some people can take their pet peeves. People who hate littering will stop at nothing to make the world a cleaner place.
To make evident that most people litter and do not realize how they are hurting the earth, Barry uses situational irony to point out how much he hates littering and litterers. As an example, he states “What’s the worst that could happen to you? Ok, death. But probably you’d be fine. Just remember to be polite,” (Barry 327). This situation is ironic because he is

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