Persuasive Essay Homelessness

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Kenney Morales Prof Peters English-101 “Homelessness” Imagine you are walking in a city, and amongst the crowded street, you notice a man. He isn’t walking, just sitting down out of sight. He doesn’t make a sound. However, he stands out the most out of everyone else. As you pass you see a cardboard sign with the writing asking for money in the corner of your eye. In addition, to his unpleasant smell, long beard, and messy hair it seems he is invisible. So many people pass by him still they walk on with their day as if nothing even happened. They just look at him with either pity or disgust, and even both. Often times, people experience things in their life that often force them to lose everything and live out on the streets, or many times it is by choice that they live on the streets. Frequently, we just pass by people and look down on them since they have no home; but who is to say they don’t have a home? Home is not the house you live in or the country you belong to. It is a place that incites certain feelings and those feeling are what makes a place home. The people on the streets with no “home” may simply find that anywhere in the world is where they call home. Home has two specific set of values that make it more than just a place which are privacy, and safety. The first value that makes home feel like a home is a sense of privacy. People need to feel that they don’t have to worry about someone constantly being in their personal space it incites a feeling of

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