Persuasive Essay On Clean Water

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Stop Taking Clean Water for Granted
Can you stop for a moment and think what would happen if we didn’t have water; clean water? It seems impossible, as we use water to drink, cook, clean, grow things, and for everything else in life. Unfortunately, because of the easy access to one of the most plentiful, and most valuable resources in the world, some people take water for granted. In contrast, other poor people live in places where the only easy way to get water is from a dirty irrigation ditch. Or their only source of water is backyard faucet shared by several homes. So, because of the availability of clean water is being abused, the problem of wasting water started to emerge. Some people thinks that with all the water on our plant’s surface, why are many so worried about water preservation? People who waste water think that it’s from their right to have plenty of water. If one mediates the world around, he/she should have observed that all creatures on earth need water to survive. Furthermore, the shortage of water in the body of any living creature happen to cause health problems and even death. The idea of preserving water is a debatable subject. However, humans should stop wasting water and should not take it for granted in order to survive with a healthy body, and reduce health risks. The most important reason why people should conserve clean water is to survive. In other words, water equals life. Without clean water, we will pass away in just a few days. For

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