Mojave Desert Water Problem

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From: Mr.Jazayeripour the manager of Mojave Desert community to: The California Environmental Protection Agency Water is one of the necessary sources for organisms to survive in many ways. and did you know that (The United States uses about 346,000 million gallons of fresh water every day. ) Mojave river, colorado river and underground water are the main sources of water for animals, plants, residential, industrial and agricultural uses. ground-water depletion is primarily causes by sustained groundwater pumping. water is necessary to survive for plants, animals and humans. and we are destroying our community primary sources of water by using too much of it. it 's predicted that water withdrawal will drains rivers and destroy habitat for many species of fish and wildlife.
Cities like Las Vegas water is pumping from the colorado river, …show more content…

There are few trees, apart from the well-known Joshua tree, which grows nowhere else but the Mojave. (Mojave Desert animals and animals) Some of water is returned to aquifers and surface water but because this water drains from urban, agricultural and mining lands often contaminated with chemicals, metals and nutrients.
The solution to water problem is Recharge Ponds. water agencies can replace underground water storage by several methods, including the use of recharge ponds that allow water to infiltrate into the groundwater basin, or aquifer. recharge ponds are usually located close to rivers where coarse sands, scoured by stream flow, and shallow aquifers allow water to reach the basin quickly. First move to save Mojave 's water resources from getting drain is to control the over-usage of water and city building. Next is to restore water sources by Recharge Ponds, and also give people an awaness about how is the situation and what they can do to help.
Let 's save Mojave desert were me and my family live, where many other families live, and also the habitat of many animals and

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