Contamination In Puerto Rican Beaches

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Contamination in Puerto Rican Beaches As everyone knows, Puerto Rico is a tropical beauty with ravishing coastlines, enchanting flora and unique creatures. Locals are fortunate enough to call this divine paradise, “home”. Having accessibility to all these wonders, it comes as no surprise that a large percentage of Puerto Ricans luxuriate in the beaches and wildlife the island has to offer. The heart of the Caribbean and the ultimate tropical utopia, Puerto Rico is an Eden worthy of protection, care and nourishment, yet the case seems to be the opposite. On a daily basis Puerto Rico’s shores suffer severe damage by waste created by negligent people who have no awareness whatsoever about the importance of ecological preservation. The islands…show more content…
The problem is not having a good time at the beach, the problem is that people seem to lack environmental protection awareness. The parties go on all day and night long, and then people pack up to head on home leaving behind plastic bags, cigarette buds, glass bottles, cans and other scraps they did not appropriately dispose of. “Every year this event leaves behind tons of trash all around the island. Much of the waste is collected the next day, but there are other beaches that although unwilling, ingest garbage until they reach their depths, threatening hundreds of marine species of animals and plants that live with them” (Mi Puerto Rico Verde). Little do citizens know that a large amount of the garbage that is left on the sand is eventually washed into the ocean by the tide, harming the marine ecosystem. Local technologist and entrepreneur, Raúl Colón, wrote about what he witnessed the day after The Night of San Juan. “The beach last night was being polluted not only by trash but also by the sound waves of speakers (that should be used for concerts) being used by civilians until 3am at night. I am sure if it affects me inside a room with concrete walls and security windows, it must be affecting the beautiful wildlife…show more content…
Many times people forget to take trash bags to the beach or simply cannot find an accessible garbage can to dispose of theirs wastes. A quick fix for this situation is to locate plenty of accessible trash cans on the beach that are labeled and classified into plastics, glass, paper and cans, therefore enhancing the importance of recycling. Ecological contamination could be diminished if the problem was in fact treated at the root. Educating children and students at a young age to preserve their only home, will create a conscience among the rising generations. Environment protection classes should be taught as a requisite in school. If art and literature, mathematics, science, economics, statistics, history and religion is taught, why not teach the fundamental importance of ecological conservation? “Students are like sponges and observe information well if they learn about it starting at their early childhood education and throughout their school years. They should be aware of the importance of recycling, and therefore I strongly believe each school district should implement into their lesson plans a lesson of recycling in order for the students to begin recycling themselves” (Permalink). Molding children’s mind to be conscious about the importance of environment

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