Adam B Summer Use Of Plastic Bags Rhetorical Analysis

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Arguing over the use of plastic bags has stirred large debates over their effects on the ecosystem. In Adam B. Summer’s article, he argues that plastic bags do not present vast amounts environmental issues as some people believe. Thus, he provides his argument over the debate of plastic bags throughout his article. Summer utilizes the ethos, logos, and the pathos appeal in numerous aspects of his argument. Because of his creative usage of these appeals, Summer presents his readers with an extremely well-written argument. Summer informs his readers about plastic bags and their effects on the environment with large amounts of credibility. Citing several major sources and individuals, Summer appears extremely knowledgeable about this topic. He states, “according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, plastic bags, sacks, and wraps of all kinds (not just grocery bags) make up only about 1.6 percent of all municipal solid waste materials”. Throughout his argument, Summer clearly demonstrates his opinions that plastic bags do not harm the environment near as much as reusable bags do. Attempting to persuade his readers to think the same, he creates a tone of credibility as he cites numerous credible sources. …show more content…

He presents his facts in an extremely logical way that readers can easily follow. Listing his facts and arguments, readers create a sequence and order in their minds, which aids in the persuasion of the argument. As Summer lists his arguments, he would have a circumstance on one section, and the next one would provide credible sources that confirm the consequences of the circumstance. His creative style in listing his argument like that produces an “if this, then this” logical circle in the minds of the readers. Summer’s use of the logos appeal extremely aids his argument and his stance on plastic

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