Air Conditioning Will Be The End Of Us By Eric Klinenberg

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In “Viewpoint: Air-Conditioning will be the end of us,” Eric Klinenberg uses counterargument, personal anecdote, and he provides solutions to help build his argument. He first supplies a personal anecdote in order for the reader to relate more towards him as well as have the reader recount a similar story. He then uses counterarguments in order to show his expertise on the topic. After both personal anecdote and counterargument are used, he follows by supplying solutions in an attempt to persuade the reader more towards his viewpoint. Klinenberg tells the reader of a event that happened to him within the week of writing the article. He starts with “Earlier this week, as the temperature in New York City hit the upper 90s and the heat index topped 100, my utility provider issues a heat alert and advised customers to use air-conditioning “wisely.” …show more content…

He acknowledges studies by stating “I also recognize that air conditioners can enhance productivity…” He provides facts that he has read on, showing that he not only read one side of the topic, but both. After collecting the knowledge, he then proceeded to choose a side. He then attempts to appeal emotionally by stating, “ I’ve long advocated public-health programs that help truly vulnerable people, whether isolated elders in broiling urban apartments or farm workers who toil in sunbaked fields, by giving them easy access to air-conditioning.” By using the emotional counterargument, he shows that he understand people may have concerns. After stating his counterarguments, he follows with “What’s indefensible is our habit of converting homes, offices, and massive commercial outlets into igloos on summer days, regardless of how hot it is outdoors.” By stating this, he shows his side in the topic and provides the issue and subject of his

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