Vu470 Unit 1 Assignment

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Title: CERTIFICATE III IN EAL (Access) Unit Code: VU21470 Student Name: Man Theng Foong Student ID: GEC 00000 AK TASK 1 (page 6 ) • Lake Eyre ( South Australia ) • Lake Woods (Northern Territory ) • Lake Grace ( Western Australia ) • Margarat River ( Western Australia ) • West Lyon Rivers (Western Australia ) • Daly River (Nortern territory ) • Blue Mountain (New south wales ) • Bunya Mountain (Queensland ) • Mountain Isa (queensland) • Simpson desert ( South Australia ) • Tanami desert ( northern territory ) • Great sandy desert (Western Australia ) TASK 1 (page 7 ) 14. warm temperature 15.tropical to and 16. purtly and warm temparature 17. partly a warm temperature 18. partly warm and cold temparature 19. Cool temp 20. The longest river…show more content…
people will not suited 27. land become dry Animal will die Water will gone 28 . plant more trees TASK 3 (page 11) 1. I live at Croydon north Melbourne 2. The location environmental issue in a lot of waste bag created 3. Almost 99 percent of everything we by become waste with six week 4. Even we become much more environment at reduce reuse and recycling Waste Is a social and ethical issue as well as and environment We can keep working on reduse the amount produce and make read positive impact on TASK 4 (page 12) hola everyone im very happy to be here taday . My name is Luis today in my presentation I take about somw environment issue I talk about is impact on the country and then t descripe solutions finally I will take about perthe issue ok lets start I live in Croydon ,and the environment issue about is matter .almost 99 percent of everything we buy become wat within six weeks of purchase every wheelie bin of waste we purchase our home productin and of the material in the bin I think we must turn it around the environment issue solution wate is a social and ethical issue as our economic. My suggest solution are more elhetic waste management being an more cleans to recycling

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