Is3350 Unit 3 Assignment

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attend after the training after the fact of them trying not to show any signs of retaliation for the fact of ongoing protected EEO activity. g. Supervisor refused to allow/approved or certify my overtime, of respond to my request to be assigned to a different supervisor. From April 2014 to October 2014, my supervisor refused to allow/approved my overtime. I arrived at work only to find that my timesheet had not been certified and I was told that the Deputy Director was my supervisor Tracy Keenan and Mr. Van Dongen stated that she would not have to sign it since I am no longer under the Quality team. I brought it to the Quality Manager attention (whom I am assigned according to my PD as Quality Management Analyst) attempting to make him aware that my workload was back up with my other duties and I had been working for the Commander /Deputy Directors along with tasks from other team members that I know that I was going to need some overtime to complete the end of the year closeout. (I got no supporting response from Mr. Van Dongen) He was aware that I had been staying late (tolerated overtime) along with Mr. Randy Cottrell who stayed late working as …show more content…

The request for supervisory change was not directed to my direct supervisor, but it was recommended to me by the union representative Nancy Dibble from the periods that they were working to get some resolution on the hostile work environment to DLA Energy HQ management office. This was around September 8 and 9, 2014. I had contacted Nancy Dibble the union rep and told her that I needed her help to get transferred out of the Houston DLA Office location because, it was hard working and not being fairly compensated, especially after seeing others traveling and putting in for overtime that is questionable but, I needed to follow policy and procedures to put in for any compensation for my

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