Latinos In America

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Hispanics in the United States............ In the late 1900’s, many immigrants moved from around the world to seek a better life in the United States. Nowadays, though many Hispanics move here for many reasons. They like the US but, also for better jobs and pay for their family. Sometimes, we have to overcome challenges. In the US many Hispanics face many challenges but, soon most of them learn to overcome them and live a great life in America. First of all, the Hispanics must learn to speak English fluently. In the United States, to work as a nurse, lawyer, or a health care person you must speak English according to Hispanics may have a hard time learning English because, …show more content…

Sometimes is might be hard to get a lawful resident if you just arrived but the Hispanics, can get a green card, before the 5 years have finished, if needed. If they have some difficulty with the requirements, they can always train and become better with those qualities. To train they can take speech classes, study the US civics, and learn good tips to a good character. To sum it up, living in the US can be a challenge but, as they come here, they learn to overcome them and have a great life in the United States of America. Another challenge Hispanics must learn to overcome is health care. They may not be used to the type of food we eat and maybe get sick. Also according to, they don’t have good access to a financial health care insurance when first arriving here in America. But, they can overcome that by getting one that can be easy to pay and help you temporarily until they might get a better one. But, sometimes communication can be tough because the language efficiency but, they can learn language. But, what about the medicine allergies? That is simple. They can get a test done to see any kind of illness or allergies that might be affective to their health. Another challenge is education. Since, in most countries

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