Health Disparities In Hispanic Community Essay

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According to the CDC Hispanics of Mexican origin make up approximately 17 percent of the population in the United States. They are the one of the largest cultural populations in U.S. has risen dramatically over last four decades. There are a variety of reason that lead to health disparities for the Hispanic community these reasons then lead to the individuals not obtaining healthcare. First, it was reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012 that 29.1 percent of the Hispanic do not have health insurance. This usually prevents the majority of Hispanic people from receiving health care. Second, Elizabeth is a first generation Mexican-American, give a birth to a first child in high school, may have inability to complete a proper education might have language barrier. The inability to speak English and unable to communicate effectively, and feeling embarrassed sometimes prevent her from communicating with her physician. HCP must give information and services in patients ' preferred language, including patient access to professional interpreters who have health-related dialect skills and familiar with patient’s cultural competence. The family unit and religion is culturally the most important to the Hispanic community. Elizabeth has extended family consisting her husband, four children, her mother, …show more content…

Education at the primary level and the proper delivery of important health information. Many of teenagers now are sexually active but don’t know how to use contraceptive methods. Education is the best approach in the promotion of health in this community and provide information on resources will be helpful such as health screen and HPV vaccination at health fairs should be disclosed. There are now many low cost clinics that have bilingual speaking staff that are available and can provide assistance with any health

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