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During my two interviews my with my two people of the Hispanic culture I came to find they were both had a good level of health literacy from a quick glance. It’s interesting I came to this conclusion fast after asking them each their questions, because I barely know these two on a personal level. Raul I met last year at comicpalooza, where we bonded over love over television and movies and came in contact since, mostly having conversations about show/movies; but never had conversations on anything like this level. Francis I met over swim class this fall at UH recreation center, so I came to the conclusion to pick two people I didn’t really know to ask these questions for this paper. One of the first questions for the paper about what it…show more content…
But in the course of interview’s it gave a sense that although some home remedies and rituals might be used, they have seen from themselves and family members they usually go to the doctor or get over the counter medicine. But one of the facts I stated early about liver disease in regards to alcohol ties into a statistic, Francis joked that her family likes to drink for a cold or for any random disease, according to US National Library Medicine and National Institute of health in Hispanics “Chronic liver disease is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among Hispanics living in the United States” (ncni.nlm.nih.gov, 2014). This question someway tie’s into health concerns when I asked them the questions about health concerns in their population. The question of if diet effects their health was answered in the other question, both people I interviewed stressed that most of their concerns with their family and culture have to do with diet and exercise, which ties in the risk factors in Hispanics. One other things I looked up for this interview and health risk in Hispanics have to due with heart disease, In the American Hear Association they state that, “Heart disease is the No 1. Killer for all American and stroke is the leading cause of death. [But] Hispanics and Latino’s face even a…show more content…
Raul says that in his community he thinks there are good programs in his area of Eagletown, Texas which is says has a more Hispanic and Mexican community. While Francis says she doesn’t really see anything, but she also states she has different life setting, while Raul lives with his mom and sister. They both do have the same views that in their culture and in the United States that one can get help with their health easily, but only if they know how. In the American Heart Association site, they said that many people “face hurdles to making those changes and accessing health care [from] language barriers, lack of transportation and lack of heath insurance” (heart.org, 2015) when came to changing one’s lifestyle or staying healthy. Both Raul and Francis had different views, even though they came from the same culture, but both had the common view that some people are arrogant or don’t know how to get access to health and understand it fully. Francis stated that some of the Spanish translations aren’t very good or don’t help at all especially if one isn’t literate or be able read and write in general. One of the studies I read about health literacy in Hispanics at the University of South Carolina they gave out 28 studies between the years of 1992-2008 in order to measure the level Hispanics HL. They found that there is

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