Argumentative Essay Immigration

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Selina Carranza- Lopez
English III
28, April 2023
Although some American citizens may disagree, there are advantages to allowing immigration in the U.S. A number of undocumented citizens come to the U.S. for better opportunities in life. However, many immigrants have struggles and wish to be granted access to various things in the U.S. Many undocumented immigrants have talents and benefits that need to be accessed in the U.S. Along with embracing cultures. Immigrants clearly understand what a path to citizenship really is, although, do Americans understand what it is? In addition to enhancing our national security, allowing these immigrants to obtain legal status will help boost the economy and promote America’s rich, …show more content…

It is cruel to deport these individuals from the families and lives they built in the United States. Immigrants should be given citizenship (“Top 10 Pro and Con Arguments” 1). Along with encouraging our economy, these immigrants expand that in a particular way. For example, they maintain the adaptability of our economy, allowing American businesses to control prices and respond to changing consumer needs. Immigrants have the brains to up the new products. Undocumented citizens have welcomed many opportunities for millions in America (Daniel 2). In America, diversity is a really big thing. Moreover, the majority of Americans believe that diversity strengthens the nation and that fundamental principles like judicial fairness, constitutional rights, and the American Dream are crucial components of what it means to be an American. On some aspects of national …show more content…

In addition, Among us are many natural entrepreneurs who are immigrants. When creating a new concept they are extremely educated and tremendously trained. When manufacturing immigrants make it achievable to introduce new jobs and make business more adjustable (Louise 3). As stated above, many Americans believe immigrants take away jobs and opportunities. On the other hand, let's put this statement in place, are not hispanic immigrants picking out in the yards and picking fruit/vegetables. Moreover, other immigrants do jobs that Americans can not even manage to do. In other words, Immigrants do not force Americans out of their employment, despite widespread belief. Most often at the high and low ends of the talent continuum, immigrants frequently fill occupations that Americans cannot or will not accept. Not only in low-skilled industries like hotels and restaurants, domestic service, construction, and light manufacturing, but also in high-skilled professions like computer science, physics, and medicine where immigrants are disproportionately represented (Daniel 2). Among the analyzed statements above we comprehend how immigrants make it to America and handle jobs to achieve their

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