Deport Illegal Immigrants

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In 2011 there were over 11 million Illegal immigrants living in the United States, because of illegal immigration millions of US citizens are losing jobs, money, and crimes have gone way up. It is apparent that the US government needs to crack down harder and deport all Illegal immigrants. This would help the people who grow up in the united states and finish school here, earn the jobs they deserve over less quality work for cheaper. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to enter this country and steal jobs from US citizens. The country as a whole loses money when illegal immigrants come and use public facilities, illegal immigrants also have caused crimes to skyrocket. When illegal immigrants come here, they steal jobs from US citizens. …show more content…

“Hannity showed the slide at the top of his show while saying "in the last year alone, illegal immigrants" were "responsible for 18 percent of drug trafficking; 30 percent of kidnapping/hostage taking; 75 percent of drug possession; 10 percent of money laundering; 21 percent of national defense; and 5 percent of murder sentences," going on to say numerous crimes have been committed lately in Texas.” (selby) 75 percent of the crime committed with drug possession is illegal undocumented immigrants, and 10 percent is money laundering. The reason those numbers are so high is because they are illegal immigrants, it hard for them to get good enough jobs to provide for their whole family. So they do illegal stuff to earn more money. Like drug dealing, drug possession, and money laundering. The government needs to find a way to control people from coming into the US …show more content…

As well as taking jobs from US citizens. The crime rate will decrease if we deport illegals who are causing these crimes rather than spending government money to keep them on US soil, in US prisons. This issue can’t go on any longer and needs to be stopped. If we fix this problem, we will have more employed citizens, less crime, more money back to the government, and higher paying

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