Expelling Immigrant Workers

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“Expelling Immigrant Workers May Also Send Away the Work They Do” In the article “ Expelling Immigrant Workers May Also Send away the Work They Do” by Eduardo Porter, is mostly about how immigrants that migrated to America usually work as an agriculture, but if they get send back all their work will be gone since their work is really outstanding and it’s quality work. If all immigrants were send back, their work would disappear and the work of Americans wouldn’t be as good as an immigrant. A series of studies over the years found how, “ Expelling immigrants does not open opportunities for workers born in the United States, either. Rather, the shock leaves them worse off than when the immigrants were here” (Porter “Expelling Immigrant Workers”). Here you can clearly see and get an idea of what would happen if immigrants would to leave, it would lead to no good and all the work would be left to those who were born in the United States which aren’t good at it like undocumented immigrants. Also, they talked about how growers that grow large quantities of a particular plant responded to Presidents Donald Trump threat on illegal people on immigrants. They stated, They will lobby, asking Congress to provide some legal …show more content…

Also, they brought their own culture from their homelands since in Mexico all they did was pretty much farm. For example,”These days, over one-quarter of the farmhands in the United States are immigrants working here illegally” (Porter “ Expelling Immigrant Workers”). This an example on how immigrants came to explore the new world. Furthermore, they stated, “They will rent land in Mexico” (Porter “Expelling Immigrant Workers”). This basically means that they will rent land in Mexico to do what they do best which is work on land to grow

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