Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered how many illegal immigrants are in the U.S. committing crimes, as their undocumented and not even suppose to be here? Well in this essay, there will be three reasons why undocumented immigrants should be deported; The immigrants might be committing crimes, they take American’s citizens jobs, and their are a large population of illegal immigrants in the U.S. One important reason that illegal immigrants should be deported is that some illegal immigrants might be criminals. According to Upfront magazine 2016 “ you can’t expect a person to break the law without them breaking more laws”. What Steve King is saying here is that they are already breaking the law, what won’t stop them from breaking more laws. Now some might argue that they will have a background check on the people who are crossing the border, but what Steve King said is still true. The key point is that they can still pass through illegally by identity theft. Another key reason that undocumented immigrants should be deported is that undocumented immigrants take American Citizens jobs. As Steve King Upfront 2016 has made clear “their are 8 million…show more content…
In upfront magazine, 2016, King Says that “We should deport all those who are living here in the U.S. illegally. Doing that would restore the rule of law and finally solve the problem.” What Steve’s point is that the solution is we should simply just deport all of the illegal immigrants living in the U.S. There is a possibility that people will disagree with the point that their is a large population of illegal immigrants in the U.S., and then argue that they are boosting our economy. However, the weight the evidence is on the other side. What they didn’t remember is that they are here illegally and that they are overpopulating the U.S. This is the final reason why, illegal immigrants should be
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