United States Border Patrol

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The United States Border Patrol has seen an ever increase in funding, especially since its collaboration and indoctrination into the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Through the history of the “War on Drugs” brought on by the Nixon Administration, it is clear that the ever expanding costs in order to combat an ever increasing thirst for illegal drugs, and weapons. Border Security is most definitely detrimental in order to continue increasing homeland security, along with keeping the citizens of the United States not only safe from harm, but safe from legal and economic implications direct towards the legal citizens at the cost of illegal immigrant behavior. It takes the works of all forms and sources in order for the nation to be …show more content…

Without the assistance of the foreign countries attempts at also harnessing the border crossing issues, just in sheer landmass alone, the attempts will be futile, and show little progression. Predominantly on the southern border with Mexico, the United States has seen their border security free-ride off of the mass flow of money and resources which have been brought toward the borders in order to properly secure and file illegal contraband, along with people. Not only do the foreign countries free ride off of the federal funding placed into national security, but the states bordering these countries seem to be making an attempt as well, but requesting more funding federally in order to supplement the state budget for law enforcement. Requesting military hardware, has become a prime fight in order to protect the borders, and a more protected line will still benefit both sides of the …show more content…

This ideology is simple, and is used in day to day terms as keeping ‘honest people honest’. With a hardened border, the effort and money that would need to be put in in order to surpass the infrastructure in place, would bring along a different breed of criminal, and one who has the wits and whereabouts to avoid detection and prosecution. Just as with the wars on drugs, creating a stricter border patrol, simply removed the amateur drug smugglers, leaving the large funded cartels with the upper hand. While some authors believe that creating a closed border will only lead to attacks on weaker targets, the regarded weaker targets will have fewer civilian casualties, and therefore will result in less financial cost in order to rebuild the affected area. When it comes to opening our borders more, the implications are reversed. I believe that currently the United States has the technology to continue hardening their border, while keeping things such as the NAFTA imperative of top priority, and continuing to allow free trade to be worthy and

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