Reese Jones Why To Build A Border Wall Summary

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In this essay about the article redacted by Reese Jones Why to Build a Border Wall? different aspects will be presented. A summary of the topic will be presented to explain what the author is trying to communicate and his point of view in his article. Also, a rhetorical and ideas critique along with a personal reflection will be presented. This article is about the purpose of border walls and their benefits from dividing two different places. In the rhetorical critique, his appeal to ethos, logos, and pathos will be identified and explained briefly, also, in the ideas critique, his ideas will be critiqued to support a different point of view.

In Reece Jones article Why to Build a Border Wall?, originally published on November 8, 2012, in the North American Congress of Latin America, Jones explains the United States purpose of building a border wall. He states that these walls and fences are the results of the state internal politics and three specific reasons are made up to construct a border wall. These reasons are based on the state sovereignty, protection of wealth and cultural practices. Jones also establishes that barrier constructions legitimate and intensifies the internal practices of a sovereign state. This ends by claiming territorial difference by both places surrounding the wall. …show more content…

Jones adds that over the 20th century, some territories produced substantial wealth inequalities which increased the desire of people for getting somewhere else to pursue better economic opportunities. Border walls are being constructed to limit people move from place to place by the fear that populations movements will change the life inside the state and to divide economic wealthy states from poor

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