Great Wall Of China Dbq Analysis

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It was a project that went down into Ancient China's history; full of hardship, hard work, and sometimes, even death. The Great Wall of China was built over a 2,000- year period, and measures to 5,488 miles long. Who were the ones behind the biggest wall in the world? It was the Qin Dynasty (“chin”) and the Han Dynasty. Qin had ruled and lived from 221 until 206 BCE and the Han dynasty from 206 BCE until 220 CE. But these men were definitely not the ones to create this Great wall, It was the people who no one would expect to create much such a big, powerful wall that went down in history. The ones to create The Great Wall of China were the peasant's soldiers and slaves. And many had not come out alive. The Great Walls did take much sacrifice, but it had been worth it keeping out invaders, terrorists and anyone wanting to destroy China itself.
One reason why The Great Wall was worth the costs was because of its great protection around China. For the immigrants in such border areas, the government will construct walled cities, well protected by high walls, deep moats, catapults and thorns …show more content…

This is because there were many advantages. For example, It had kept out unwanted people. What I mean is it had made it very hard for invaders or countries who wanted to start a war; to get through or over the great wall. Another example is the fact that it had saved many crops and valuables from getting stolen from other countries. China has always been known to grow or make things that many other countries like so this wall helped those things from not being stolen or destroyed. Finally, the last example is the fact that it had made a great lookout for China. The Great Wall had made it so much easier to prevent unwanted wars or keep unwanted people away from starting wars. There are so many more benefits but these are so of many that prove that The Great Wall of China’s benefits did outweigh the

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