Mongolan Dynasty Technology

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The Yuan Dynasty under the Mongol empire has an extensive amount of public works as they built granaries to protect the dynasty from famine, and created large road and water networks. These public works allowed for the people to have large surplus of food and water and also be able to travel in a more organized manner with the road system created (New World Encyclopedia, Country Studies). Everyone in the Yuan dynasty had access to these public works as they were used to the economy and to keep everyone fed. While having these very useful public works the Yuan dynasty also had lots of techniques using technology for warfare and engineering. While using new warfare technology from the Chinese the Yuan were able to create a strategy to take down fortification by studying the way forts were made. The Yuan also discovered purified saltpetre, gunpowder bombs, printing techniques, porcelain, playing cards and medical literature the Yuan leaders were lazy …show more content…

Roads and canals were used by the Yuan for trade and benefitted their economy greatly. Also the military technology invented by the Yuan benefitted their military domination greatly. For example the gunpowder bomb was a weapon of war used that could efficiently kill enemies. While also the Yuan created things for self pleasure and entertainment, like playing cards and dominoes. Though the Yuan dynasty is not known for its innovations during this period.

The Yuan military however was the most known feature of the civilization. The Yuan were conquered by the Mongols and were a large part of the Mongol domination of East Asia. The military contained highly skilled craftsmen, equestrians, and the best military innovator in history, Genghis Khan. The military worked strong and hard to dominate the east asian scene and collect resources and food for the ever growing

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