Confucianism: The Chinese Religion

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The religion means the culture and the society is developing it is a society special form
It is start from lowest stratum of is also the collection of the culture systems it is the way to help them to get rid of the suffering, against the rule their spirit bailment, but gradually it become the government problem and then they the religion become more and more popular and then they have the religious belief it is differs from private belief in that it has a public aspect. Most religions have organized behavious ,
Confucianism is created by the Confucius it is our own Chinese own culture religion we are proud of it this and Buddhism and Taoism is be called three religious the Confucianism is the representative of the civilization …show more content…

This religion started from long time and develop very well actually Many famous poems have ideas from Buddhism and many Buddhist stone statues can be found, which show its huge influence. They forget this all come from the Confucianism It also promotes the countries’ intercultural communications with foreign countries. Taoism is a typically traditional religion in China with a history of more than 18 hundred years history at present, there are more than 15 hundred Taoist temples in China with over 25 hundred male and female Taoists there. It is big number in china have so many people to believe that. But It is difficult to calculate the exact number of Taoist believers because there are no formal ceremonies or specific regulations concerning the admission to Taoism. I think that it is good religion but not as popular than …show more content…

The many schools of Vajrayana Buddhism have several highly complex systems of tantra that have been developed over many centuries. Learning about them all is a lifetime's work. And I don't think the tantric path is for everyone. But if what you read here resonates with you, I hope you will take the initiative to learn more about Buddhist
that doesn't necessarily mean that the God of monotheism, as commonly understood, can be dropped seamlessly into Buddhism. Frankly, in Buddhism, God has nothing to do.
The creation of phenomena is taken care of by a kind of natural law called Dependent Origination. The consequences of our actions are accounted for by karma, which in Buddhism is also a kind of natural law that doesn't require a supernatural cosmic judge.
And if there is a God, he is us, too. His existence would be as dependent and conditioned as ours.
Sometimes Buddhist teachers use the word "God," but their meaning is not something that most monotheists would recognize. But it is do not mean to the

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