Mongols Being Barbaric Dbq Essay

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Being savagely cruel and exceedingly brutal is called being barbaric. In the 13th century, Mongols had experienced many places around the Silkroad. Like the following Mongolia, China, and Persia. Mongols originate from Mongolia from there they expand their territory outward. Which leads to the following statement the Mongols were simply looking for wealth not to just be savage to the neighboring civilizations.

Mongolia where the Mongols are from brings up the following ideas they have. The Mongols “believe that there is but one God, by Whom we live by and by Whom we die” for better and for worse (Doc 9). The open-mindedness of the Mongols had led to everyone in their society to be equal; no one is better than someone else because they all …show more content…

The Mongols had a lasting impression on the Chinese. The Yuan emperors had “improved upon the canals, transportation, and communication” to have a better outcome on trade profits (Doc 6). The Chinese hadn’t thought of boosting up their economy in this way; their idea was to produce more not make it easier to travel. In addition, the Mongols has a great system to get the word out to people the “messengers travel throughout his dominions more than 200,00 horses” (Doc. 8). How the Mongols thought through things was amazing, they planned out how to get the word out instead of she said he said bases. The Mongols had also, explored other areas like Persia.

Another region the Mongols had occupied was Persia. The Mongols had embraced some of the Persian cultures like “viniculture thrived under the Mongols” (Doc. 6). The Mongols were great wine drinkers which made Persia thrive. The Persians have trade wine too in which this is what the Mongols wanted them to do so they would make money. Additionally, the “silk industry also benefited” the conquest (Doc. 6). This opened up contacts to China and other places along the silk road. All the Mongols wanted was wealth so they had gone like a parasite getting all the money they could by going to other

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