Positive Effects Of The Mongols

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A lot of people think of the Mongols as people who had a negative effect on the world. Although they had a lot of positive effects which helped the world today. They have helped shape the world by improving trade and letting religions exist with each other. They also helped with peace even though they are seen as negative and ruthless people. Even though the Mongols also had bad effects on the world, there are a lot more good effects than the bad ones. Another way the Mongols had a positive impact on the world is by improving trade. They made trade better by creating the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a route that went from Asia to Eastern Europe. The Silk Road made traders feel safer traveling across Eurasia. Relay stations along the route provided traders with lodging and marketplaces to sell their goods (The Mongol Dynasty). This increased trade and helped to grow the economy. By establishing the Silk Road, the Mongols had many positive effects on the world. …show more content…

Because the Mongols allowed religions to coexist, it brought peace to the empire. The Pax Mongolica was a period of time of peace and stability in the world at the time in the 13th and 14th century (Pax Mongolica). During this period of time they promoted inter-state relations. Also since they controlled a lot of Asia they were able to guarantee safety and security for people traveling. One of the ways they made sure there was peace they established a set of laws known as the Yassa. The Yassa was a strict set of rules that punished criminals for their

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