Art: The Chicano Movement

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There are many artists coming from different cultural, social, and economical backgrounds, but out of all these differences, inventive individuals go after a similar goal which is to make creative work. However, there is more to it than making works of art and that is finding purpose or discovering reasons to why the artist is making a piece. Artists may work on an art project that is intended for a smaller group of viewers while other artists may go for a larger audience and it generally comes down to what message the artist is trying to convey. Depending where an artwork is situated in can impact the way a viewer perceives a certain image; this is why it is important for artists to think about the space in which they want to exhibit their …show more content…

Chicano art was exhibited in open areas, such as parks or storefronts, rather than in galleries or museums because it was more exposed to the community and allowed artists to be visually heard. Murals were greatly done by Chicano artists since they are usually large in scale and provide a visual experience that is believed to help the viewer gain a better understanding of the social and economic needs of the people who are being segregated. Judith Baca is a Chicana who struggled in finding purpose in her role as an artist, but with the nurture by her grandmother did she later found the reason in producing …show more content…

Baca created an exhibition area within open spaces that is accessible to the public and was able to raise the voices of people who could not be heard and revive history marked by individuals who were deemed invisible. The mural was a major art project for Baca and was a life changing experience for her and for the fellow members who participated in the creation of the mural. The process in making the Great Wall took a lot of effort and time by a countless number of folks who range from scholars to minorities, but Baca brought all participants in the idea of unity. The Great Wall of Los Angeles is a valuable monument that commemorates the harmony among people of different race and ethnic groups. There are more miles of empty walls in the concreted river that is left for the next youthful and

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