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  • Visual Literacy In Visual Art

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    “Visual Literacy” The influence of the Counter-Reformation on the state of visual art in the early 16th century was dramatic. Much of the art of this period was used as an educational tool for Catholics who may not have been literate, but were devoted to the images and sculptures in their churches. Protestants, especially Martin Luther who translated Scripture into the common vernacular, were extremely adamant about the masses being literate especially in regards to Scripture. As a way to present

  • Visual Art In The Deaf Community

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    Visual art is a very significant aspect of Deaf culture, because everything experienced by the Deaf population is visual, even their language. Art in this culture, like any other, is used to express connectedness, emotion, and the hardships these people have experienced throughout their history. In this paper I will be discussing two very famous artists in the Deaf community, Chuck Baird and Betty G. Miller, and their greatest accomplishment for art in the Deaf community that makes them now inspirations

  • Pointillism Technique In Visual Art

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    be enhanced by moving the horizontal dots closer together. Move the dots to a position where they are physically or psychologically touching and you would see a line.(Richard D Zakia (2002).Perception and Imaging: second edition.Focal Press.) In visual art term, value refer to the lightness or darkness. In painting, value can be seen through the gradient or hue of color that has been used to form an image. There is a technique which known as chiarascuro where painters in the ancient time explored

  • Multisensory Art In Contemporary Visual Culture

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    Laura Marks argues that visual and cultural studies originated out of the intention to correct the evident elitism and disciplinary narrowness of art history and related disciplines. Nevertheless, the move toward visual culture has created a sensory hierarchy of western philosophy which only the distance senses are seen as mediums of knowledge with the idea that only vision and hearing can be a means of beauty (Marks 2008:123). Artists are appreciated as exponents of the trained eye, who are supposed

  • Visual Arts In Islamic Art

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    Islamic art includes the visual arts, which was created in the 7th century to this point ahead; by people who lived in lands that were occupied by or ruled by traditionally Islamic populations. Therefore, it is very hard to describe visual arts because it covers countless fields and assorted inhabitants from above 1400 years ago. Islamic art is not exactly an art of a specific religion or time or a place. Islamic architecture is a huge field, which is subjected to a different article, departing fields

  • Visual Art: A Qualitative Study

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    mathematicians such as Leonardo Da Vinci and M.C Escher have become artists while pursuing their mathematics. Mathematics has directly influenced their art with conceptual tools such as linear perspective and the analysis of symmetry. In this study we will look at the contribution of mathematics in doing visual arts. When linking mathematics with visual arts, students somehow bring feeling and emotions to their work. They are learning through the affective domain by responding to the mathematical concepts

  • Gauguin's Primitivism And Visual Art

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    Primitivism was a branch of early European modernism that diffused through various fields of art including music and visual art; but more than that, it was a cultural mindset that stemmed from the ages old debate between simplicity and civilization. With the development of new technology during periods like the Enlightenment, European empires began a long period of exploration and expansive colonization that would have huge cultural implications for them as well as the nations they claimed. This

  • Woodblock Printing Style

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    It is a style of printing in which blocks of wood are carved using designs. Designs could be anything like a scenic view, illustrations or calligraphy. After the design being carved on the block ink, dye or some sort of colour is applied on it and is pressed against a paper to get your design transferred. The printmaker, who cut the wooden mould, have to do so inversely like a negative, so that when the wood block is transferred on the paper, it’s straight. This method was originated in China and

  • Essay On Sports And Visual Arts

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    Value of Sports and Visual Arts In today's society, high school sports are highly valued. With sports comes recognition, good health, and so much more. Although sports provide many positives for growing teens, they are too glorified. Too much funding and support from schools and communities go into the sports program, and while many programs out of school allow kids to take part in sports, rarely are there any that involve acting, music, and art. The art programs, specifically music, teach creativity

  • Visual Arts In Costa Rica

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    there was no art? Theater defines Costa Rica when it comes to performing. Theater has changed many people's lives. Dance is a way of showing emotion through the body. Art is something people use to express themselves, and their lives on paper. Although literature may not be meaningful, it shows (in depth) what life is like in Costa Rica. The fine arts transform Costa Rica into something beautiful. Visual arts, performing arts, and literature affect life in Costa Rica. Visual Arts affect Costa

  • Visual Art In Literature Analysis

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    This endeavor is to present a unique combination of visual art with literature. Visual art in literature is commonly referred to as “Ekphraisis”*, or as Horace coined his famous dictum “Ut picture poesis”*. Several other writers have rejected the idea of Ekphraisis, based on the fact that language is linear while visual art is spatial. I suggest that our ancients were correct in instituting a relation between the words and art. I feel that one can accomplish a greater understanding of the two if

  • Dante's Influence On Visual Art

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    The word Visual Arts in itself is a larger concept. Visual art is a modern but imprecise term for a broad category of art which includes a number of artistic disciplines from various subcategories of art like painting, photography, moving camera, sculptors etc, so it is impossible to define the meaning of the visual art in a simple context. This paper will deal with influence of Dante’s writing on the paintings of renaissance and the artist during that time. As Bryson mention that ‘Paintings is

  • Direct And Indirect Influences In My Family

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    Throughout our lives we are influence by many. It can have a negative or positive impact in our lives. Direct and indirect influences place a big factor in the way we are now or how it will impact our future. Direct influence means we can take specific steps to get where we want to be a direct persuasion, instructions of others. Indirect Influence means that the actions we take are influence by the presence of others, watching how others act and speak. As it talks on chapter 3 both influences as

  • Essay About Yoruba People

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    the farm. This strategy must be working quite well for them considering they have been the most dominant ethnic group in Africa for quite some time. Something that differentiates their culture from any other culture could be their multiple types of art, such as, pottery, drumming, beadwork, weaving, and creating shrines to worship their god’s and honour their ancestors. Yoruba’s are passionate about their rituals and beliefs and they are able to show this through their artwork. Around forty percent

  • Society In Brave New World

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    Do believe today's society is a trivial culture or becoming one? In the novel Brave New World by Leonard Huxley demonstrates how the people are living in a world, we might be living in today. There is evidence that shows similarities between both worlds and what they do that shows. In Brave New World, the society has been designed around pleasure seeking tendencies. Almost everybody is encouraged to do what feels good to them and to do it immediately. Down below are some examples on on how we can

  • Meeting The Three Graces Analysis

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    Meeting (The Three Graces) is an oil on canvas painting created by Manierre Dawson in 1912. Cubistic in style, the subjects of his painting are three women from Greek mythology commonly known as the three graces. The women were daughters of Zeus who represented traits such as youthfulness, elegance, and beauty. There have been many artworks depicting the three graces, but Manierre Dawson’s stands out from the rest. Dawson’s painting is different from traditional portrayals of the graces because of

  • Gothic Revival Style: A Comparison Between Gothic And Gothic Architecture

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    Gothic and gothic revival styles of architecture began as revolutionary movements from their respective predecessors. Gothic is a style of architecture which gained popularity for its tall structure with pointed arches which points into the sky above. It emerged somewhere between 12th and 16th century, as an after effect or better says an evolution of the Romanesque style (Figure.01). Gothic revival style emerged as an antidote for the fever of machine age, which later became the most influential

  • Van Gogh Poster Analysis

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    Glaser’s “Van Gogh” poster has resemblance with the similar work of art by Belgian artist Rene Margitte’s work. The pipe in the center of the poster and the message in the bottom in Glaser’s poster is same as Margitte’s poster. Glaser’s poster display different elements and principles of desiging. The pipe is made of many

  • Leo Tolstoy: The Definition Of Art

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    What is Art? "To evoke in oneself a feeling one has experienced, and…then, by means of movements, lines, colors, sounds or forms expressed in words, so to transmit that feeling—this is the activity of art" (Herman, "27 Responses to the Question 'What is Art"'). Russian author and philosopher Leo Tolstoy seems to perfectly sum up what it is the abstract word "art" truly means, or does he? The definition of the word art has been argued about since the word's origin, dating back to the 1800s, the

  • Pablo Picasso And Braque's Cubism

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    Throughout history, art has always been an indispensable part of human’s society. From the beginning of time until the development of technology, artworks all around the world have greatly dedicated to the prosperity of our civilization. It is undeniable that without art, our world would gradually lose its beauty and love. As time kept passing by, art continues to fulfill its important mission, thanks to the perpetuating passion that artists have in what they are doing. And a typical artist who has