The Great Wall: Did The Benefits Outweigh The Costs

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The Great Wall:Did the benefits outweigh the costs? “The great wall is also known as the longest graveyard.”Emperor Qin had believed China needed more protection so he built a great wall,which was finished being built by several dynasty’s to pass. Despite the losses of the workers lives the great wall benefited China by providing protection,glorifying China, and helped the trading system. First,the benefits outweigh the costs because the great wall provided protection.Emperor Qin believed that China neede more protection so his workers built the great wall.This building process was passed onto several dynasties to pass.The great wall was 13,171 miles long,and 30 feet wide. The Great wall of China protected China from Mongols,and invaders. These invaders had wished to invade China but the wall made a…show more content…
It also shifted China closer to the Silk Road. To add,many may believe that the benefits didn’t outweigh the costs because of the lives that were lost. “If we die,unburied,in the wilds,our corpses will feed the crows.” The Chinese workers lives were lost because while building the Great wall of china some structures had fell upon them leaving them dead.Although many people died during this building the benefits did outweigh the costs because it provided protection,glorified China, and helped the trading system. Finally,the benefits did outweigh the costs because it provided protection,glorified China,and helped the trading system.The evidence above shows that this essay was agreeing that the benefits did outweigh the costs.I don’t know aut you but if I was the Mongols I would just give up on attacking,because there is no way I am walking 13,171
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