Qin Shi Huang-Di Research Paper

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Qin Shi Huang-di is often regarded as a great leader within history. However, he was also paranoid and got rid of anyone who disagreed with him, but without Qin, there might be no China. Furthermore, despite his mixed reputation today, he brought six warring kingdoms together to form the basis of a country that has lasted to this day, an impressive feat that was a huge turning point in Chinese history. Qin’s effect on China and by default, on the other countries of the world was enormous. In fact, his dynasty, the Qin dynasty, even gave China its name (“Shi Huangdi Becomes Emperor”). His influence on the world has lasting impacts even today, though it has been over two thousand years since he lived. Qin Shi Huang-Di was a cruel but effective …show more content…

However, before he unified China, he faced a challenge while becoming king of the state of Qin. When he finally came of age and was able to become king, he faced a coup from his father’s chancellor and his mother as well as others (“Shi Huangdi Becomes Emperor”). If he had not been able to overcome this challenge, the whole history of China could have turned out completely differently. Of course, once he became king, he faced the challenge of actually unifying the six endlessly warring states. With Li Si as his adviser, Qin was able to conquer the other kingdoms between 230 B.C. and 221 B.C. and was able to unify China into one country, becoming the first emperor (“Qin Shi Huang-Di”). Unifying China was a major turning point in Chinese history, ending the constant wars and creating the basis of a country that would last into today. Qin also showed his cruelty through how he unified China. For instance, as he defeated the other states and added their land to his empire, he enslaved and abused many of the people he defeated (Gracie). The number of slaves he had and his method of conquering have contributed to his mixed reputation as a great leader but also as a tyrant. Unifying China was arguably the most influential thing that Qin ever did, creating not only a turning point in history, but also a whole new empire after many years of

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