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#1 - Time/Length When Emperor Qin had the idea of building the sheer size wall that was built to increase security, impress visitors, and enhance the glory of china came with patience and a long time. It took over 2,500 years to complete the construction of the wall! According to the background essay’s timeline, so many segments of the wall have been started by different dynasties. They were always being extended, or torn down to repair and built anew. The first dynasty to start the wall was the Qin. Emperor Qin was the first to order the wall. The next dynasty that continued to expand and add segments to the wall was the Han dynasty who over through the Qin dynasty. During the Han dynasty the Xiongnu became a big problem. Thousands of years later, the Ming dynasty stepped in and built huge stone wall building …show more content…

Document E states that soldiers were forced to work in the hardest working conditions. When temperatures reached 20 to 30 below zero, they are still forced to work on the wall. Sometimes they won’t be fed for a really long time and they would die from hunger! A common sickness that made workers of the wall is Hypothermia. It is caused of the extreme cold temperatures. In document B it says that the Chinese were thought as barbarians because they possessed no house, lived on meat and wore furs. For the chinese, this was a harsh condition. The chinese were also thought as barbarians because they were nomads. They traveled from place to pace and never stayed in one spot. It also states that in document F that they had very harsh conditions. The farmers are all in killed in battle so everyone questions how their food will be harvested. The soldiers are willing to serve loyally but how will they live this way? All of the effort and loyalty put in this project yet it doesn’t even work. Their was a lot of invasion done by the Xiongnu, yet the wall acts like a funnel to let them

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