How Did Qin Shi Huang Use Exercise To Power

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Exercise of power
Qin Shi Huang-pronounced Chin Shuh Huang, was born on February 259 B.C unto The Qin Dynasty. Qin Shi Huang literally means “First Emperor of Qin’ in Chinese. At the age of 13, he continued his dad’s regality. It was meant to be passed down to him. Yin Zheng-his real name, was very harsh and fierce at an early age. He claimed full power at the age of 22. He used his power by building the first feudal and centralized empire in Chinese history in 221 B.C, meaning controlled. His and family’s timeline was called the “Qin Dynasty”. He also used his power to build projects like: his system of roads, canals and dikes. The Lingqu Canal, is the oldest contour canal in the world, Qin Shi Huang ordered his people (slaves) to construct this canal out of two rivers in order to attack a tribe they have been after. The Great Wall of China was built by him as well, it protected his territory from the Xiongnu Tribes and allowed communication between the far parts of the empire. Qin Shi Huang used his power to standardise Chinese customs, teachings, and political custom. He was very strict with his rules, …show more content…

He also built himself a city-sized mausoleum guarded by life sized Terra-cotta army (6000 life-sized Terracotta warriors), which is said to have taken an estimate of 16,000 men who were probably slaves captured from …show more content…

He unified all elements of Chinese history and made it one, he brought a modern and uniformed state, including language system, measuring system, weight system, writing system and currency. Qin Shi Huang wanted and thought his family would rule forever, although his whole empire collapsed only three years after he had died. His mythical tomb was planned by himself long before he died, he planned it so that his body is would be buried under a miniature mountain so that he can be a part of China’s landscape, although, no one knows if this is true since his tomb is

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